The Yak Project

Built For Man yaks,, Built For Man Holiday, Providence O Christmas Trees

photo credit, Cameron Karsten

Built For Man has always held a strong sense of good society; from the start we have always believed that by empowering the hand we could make a difference in the way we create.

This year we embark in our most ambitious project ever, with the help of Providence O’Christmas Tree and E.R.C. we have been able to create our very first Christmas Ornaments. Although we are a men’s fashion brand and we like to dress our guys with style, we felt this would fit right in with our mantra of helping as well as in designing.

I know it is a bit early to talk and think about Christmas ornaments but for the last 6 months that is exactly what we have been doing.

Last year I heard about O’Christmas Tree from a friend and I was immediately engaged and wanted to take part in this yearly event.

This year 15 designers will be creating there version of a Christmas Tree theme. Each designer has a sponsor who awards them a dollar amount to style the tree.  When I heard of this I just wanted to be part of it, not only would we be creating a Christmas Tree but we would have money awarded to us for the trimmings and ornaments.

My idea was simple, instead of going to a Christmas store and purchasing ornaments I would go to Nepal and alongside E.R.C assistance I would be creating our ornaments based on the principle of our good society, to help those that need it most.

The event will commence with Christmas Carnival on Monday the 26th of November and finish of with Gala night, where the trees will be auction off,  on Wednesday November 28th at the Westin in Seattle.

In the next few months the Built For Man blog will cover how this project evolves and will feature blog post on how it all took root and blossom. This is my proposal for the O’Christmas Tree project.

The Sheppard‘s Tree

In lieu of a star or angel, The Sheppard’s Tree will feature a Sheppard boy ornament that sits atop the tree. The Sheppard boy will look after his herd, (small baby-Alpaca and Yak ornaments, handmade especially for this presentation), which will adorn the tree. The tree will be lit with the eco-friendly LED version of classic color lights. The Sheppard boy who sits atop the tree will wear sunglasses. Although this may seem like a strange interpretation of a Sheppard, this is not a fashion statement but a social commentary. Many impoverished people living all over the world are suffering from cataracts and blindness due to this problem. The deteriorating condition of the ozone layer has caused this issue to develop.  These people often cannot afford the sunglasses necessary to protect their eyes. We are placing sunglasses on the Sheppard boy in hopes of bringing this issue to light.

The Built For Man’s Sheppard Boy Tree will be truly one-of-a-kind. Instead of purchasing pre-made ornaments and decorations, our ornaments will be made by artisans in a village in rural Peru or Nepal. Using the model of our Loom Project, we will use the donation money to empower the people in this village, and help them to become self-sustainable. $1000 can go much further in these villages than it can here in the U.S. For Example, in Nepal, $1000 can feed a family of 10 for an entire year.

Our Christmas tree skirt will be made right here at home.  For our skirt what better way to dress our tree than to create a universal interpretation of where we are.  Our skirt will be design in the grace of the universe, the Sun, Earth, Moon, Starts and a trim of caricatures of people interpreting all of us in this world.  Our skirt will be one of a kind, sustaining our beliefs and our joys.

This tree encompasses everything that Built For Man stands for as a brand, it will be eco-friendly, fair-trade, and a thing a beauty.