This is not an ornament is an opportunity.



Last year, as some of you know, we created the Yak Project, it was a great success, and with the help of E.R.C. and you we created hundreds of ornaments.  Now this year we are about to do it all over again, a bit late in the year but with more experience and way more confidence we know we can create another success story. With a new project and a new ornament we are encouraged by the future.

The Hippo Project will be a family affair, Mama Hippo, Papa Hippo, and Baby Hippo will be here for Holiday.

The proto/sample for the Hippo family has been created and is on its way to Nepal where our community of trainees will start the development process.  We hope this year to be as successful as last year and by doing so help a community of blind and deaf.   With guidance and help from E.R.C. and their mission to develop the skills of blind and deaf trainees into a functioning work force, we know will be able to do it.  With ingenuity and skill our ornaments will be crafted by hand by these communities in vision to our believes in a good society we believe by empowering the human spirit, we can do anything.

This is not an ornament is an opportunity.

The Hippo Project was created to bring joy into our life, with so much going on in this ever changing fast pace world we wanted to bring some humor, joy, and the beauty of innovation. A fantasy is what we wanted to create while at the same time create an opportunity for a community on the other side of the world.

This Aug. we launch our Hippo Project, just like we did with the  Yak Project last year  we anticipate to have your support and  bring awareness to our vision of changing the way we see fashion.

Built For Man believes in empowering the person that makes the product and by doing so supports the believe of a good society.  By creating free and fair enterprise we can make a difference.