Another Year of Fashion

IMG_7869-Edit-2 re pexil

photo credit, David M Bailey

Another year , we made the cut for 2013 and now that we have a brand new year 2014 ahead of us we look towards the Himalayas for inspiration.

This year we created our space suit, made of all genuine leather, built to fit the body like a second skin.  The idea  to impose questions about leather and its practicality as an item of clothing.  Remember before humanity wore woven, we dress in tan and hide.

Leather has been around for a long time, we can just visualize our first Homo Erectus wearing his first hide suit while trying to protect himself from the savage weather of fall/winter.  It has to be noted that there are practicalities to leather beyond how we see it today.  For example, the use of leather as insulation type of garment is how we saw this collection take root and guest what it works.  In order to be able to wear a leather garment as an insulation it has to be fine and light weight and yes tight on the body, this is key.  Remember we are thinking of it as insulation.  Why does leather have to always be a top coat or jacket?  For this collection we dress leather under knits and the juxtaposition of leather under knits worked elegantly.

We created a “Man of the Future”, in order to bring about how men’s fashions in taking root right now in the begging of the 21century.  We try to really put it out there, how do we see our men’s brand line developing.  We got a lot of attention from the press and we got a lot of fans all over the world looking at us and admiring our workmanship as well as our creative vision.

We still have a lot to go with this leather topic, but we are focusing on the subject and bringing into the arena this extraordinary item of clothing.  We are not just making clothing we are bringing up questions that should be address.