The Ornament Project

This last Christmas thanks to our supporters we were able to help out a community in Nepal , with your help we were able to create 400 ornaments and we were even able to find and angel investor to facilitate this year’s project from the begging of  2014.

ERC trainees working on the Hippo Ornaments in Nepal

The Ornament Project has been such a wonderful personal experience for me. To create something from nothing is an awesome feeling to make it come alive you need a community. For the Ornament Project we couldn’t of achieved this without the person that created the product our trainees at ERC, they did an amazing job on putting together the best ornaments I’ve seen on the market, adorable Hippos Families in various colors to bring joy into the holiday season.

We got them feature in Magazines,  the press was very supportive, everyone  that was part of this project from the person that bought the ornaments, to the person that created the first proto (Tasha Yates), to the actual person that made the ornament , we all had one goal in mine, to bright joy to the occasion and think outside the box.  Yes we are a fashion company creating a brand as we go forward but we are also concern with our social responsibilities.  Although our Hippos are not wearable per say they are as fashionable as one can hope.  Re-thinking the way we see fashion one Hippo at a time.