Leather Suit For The Modern Men


Every man needs a Leather Suit, is our believe that our leather pants and jacket make the perfect suit for this fall/winter season. We are finding more and more guys from all over the world looking at us for inspiration and for direction on where men’s wear should go.

We know we are not creating a brand for every men out there but we have found a number of guys throughout  the globe that are digging our Seattle Fashions. I get ask a lot. ” why aren’t you in NYC or L.A. your clothing is so much appropriate for that market place”
. I happen to think Seattle has an edge that with the right cultivating will sure arise to be a power player in men’s wear.

Our leather pants and Jackets by far make the best suit, they give you the edge and the coolness that we are known for. Imagine this, you might have a suit in your closet that might be your work attire or your going out to a wedding tread, but where is the fun in a suit like that ?  Wouldn’t you prefer a suit for the future, for your space ship or super fast wheels?

We are trying to rethink the suit , no longer are we seeing the lapel and the two buttons or three for that matter as an element of design we are seeing a men that wants to be unique an wants to go against what normality stands for. His on the run on his ship , his going places and with the leather suit his going in style.