Man Of The Future

photo credit Roman Rivera

photo credit Roman Rivera


“Blade Runner” 1982 , a modified film adaptation of the 1968 novel “ Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” by Philip K Dick depicts a troublesome L.A. in 2019 just five years from now. In the movie a young Harrison Ford hunts androids and retires them, by shooting them dead with some pretty powerful guns, no laser guns in this film just full of hard thick lead from the barrel. Since the realization of this film Blade Runner , has become a cult film and by some a true example of a classic one of the best sci-fi films ever made.

There seems to be a lot of wonder lately of what the future is supposed to be and fashion does an illustration precedence on how we should be dressing for the future and for outer space.

In her current video preview the glamorous well dress Dalphne Guinness in her fury protagonist role takes the meaning of outer space to a whole other level: with her elaborated wardrobe by the legendary Alexander McQueen for Givenchy Kimono, glittering body suits by Saint Laurent,  juxtaposition with her signature diamond armor rings , and luminous platforms by Noritaka Tatehana depict the future in a fantasy world all device by the eye of the talented photographer David La Chapelle.

This theatrical mesmerizing new music video , “Evening In Space”, has given us a plug into how we see the future and  what should we be wearing.

Building a future and creating our first spacesuit has become one of our main focus and a strong indication of where our branding  ascetics  will proceed into the 21 century. Is going to be a challenge trying to make a fantasy world, a practical one that can actually be worn with style and comfort.