Noritaka Tatehana, worlds premier shoe designer

Noritaka Tatehana Cinderella Shoe

Noritaka Tatehana Cinderella Shoe

O.K. so I know we are a men’s fashion brand and you might ask why in the world are you blogging about girls shoes?

For one guys , girls love shoes and if you want the female equation prevalent in your life you should know about shoes.

Ever since Cinderella the concept of love and shoes go foot to foot , or as they say hand to hand. After all how did prince charming get the hot babe Cinderella to cuddle with him if not for the perfect shoe fit.

“Noritaka Tatehana is lauded as one of the most important shoe designers of our time. He mines Japan’s vast cultural heritage to produce shoes that re-think the very notion of the ‘high-heel’. Favoured by Lady Gaga and Daphne Guinness, his soaring heel-less shoes shift the wearer’s balance forward onto the toes and are elaborately adorned using avant-garde techniques that have emerged out of a mastery of traditional Japanese crafts.

Tatehana draws particular inspiration from the ‘Oiran’, a group of visually alluring courtesans that were present in Japan’s tea houses during the vibrant Edo and Meiji periods. For these figures, appearance was paramount. Their delicately embroidered kimono, elaborate make up, towering geta shoes and mother of pearl hair pins created a veil through which to seduce their clientele. Each piece of apparel was crafted with the finest and most intricate means and each accoutrement demanded the heights of artistry.

SHOWcabinet in London this fall has given him a retrospective  exhibition , is claim by critics and fans as grown breaking for innovation and creativity.

For Tatehana’s SHOWcabinet exhibition, the designer will showcase his proficiency in these traditional crafts and demonstrate the ways in which he has incorporated them into the realms of contemporary high fashion. The display will include shoes, garments, sculpture and painting that employ the arts of katazome, katakana and yuzen, in surprising and innovative ways. It will also feature new work by the artist Taisuke Mohri, whose photorealist portraits combine both eastern and western motifs, and embrace the hybrid sensibility of Tatehana’s work.

I admit they are not like our favorite Yoji Yamamoto high tops but one thing is for sure Noritaka has it going on with the healless shoe.