The Little Donkey Ornament Tree


As some of you know right about this time of year I start my ornament talk, and how everyone should have one of our Hippo, Yak , or Donkey Ornaments for the holiday season.

The wonderful thing about the Ornament Project is that everyone wins, from the person that makes it, to the person that buys it, to the person the receives it .. is a win situation.

“ this is not an ornament is an opportunity”

This year we have created  adorable ornaments that will delight everyone and bring about the good nature of the perfect barn animal,  El Donkey . Our ornaments are created out of love and by doing so they express an individual flare, unique to items made all by hand and by care. This years ornament El Donkey when place by its self on a tree something magical happens, it becomes the Little Boy tree. I know it sounds kind of  pitchy,  but really the magical thing about this years ornaments, they hold a certain male charm. They  just do, at lease in my eyes, but hey is just me. I know little girls will like the colorful tutus and the variety of colors as much as little boys will.

We are hopeful that with  your support our Ornament Project this year will be a great success  for our communities in Nepal, with your continual support we can make a difference and bring about  a feel good vibe for all.