Giraffe Mama and Baby


This is not an ornament, is an opportunity.

For this 2016  Holiday season we created the Giraffe Ornaments. They will be sold as a set of two, Mama and Baby, for 28 dollars all proceeds of sales will go back to The Ornament Project. We encourage “build a herd”, and bring joy to the holiday season.

With your continue help we are making a difference in one community across the globe, Nepal.  We train them to learn the technic, we hire them to create the ornament, and we pay them fare wage all along the way.  This year our community of 8 deaf ladies are self sufficient and making a better future for themselves by creating, good vibe ornaments, with love and care.  Is a good for all type of project , everyone wins.

This holiday season when you are thinking of the adorable present to give please think of us and what your contribution will do.  Creating a better future one ornament at a time to a community that needs just a little. To purchase go here, compare to other ornaments ours are all created individually by hand, with personality and love.

Made in Nepal, finished all by hand with love, in the molded felt technic, 100% all natural product.

Size approximate 10 inches high and 2.5 inches wide for Mama and Baby approximate 7 inches high and 1.5 inches wide.

Our Giraffes are all free delivery and are ready for new homes. 



Mama Giraffe and Baby