Franz Ferdinand Brings Boy-Wants-Girl Rock To Fresh Ears


We’ve all had “Take Me Out” stuck in our heads since 2005. The tune was blasting from cars and clubs for years to come, and it even made itonto Harmonix’s Guitar Hero. Scottish… Continue reading

The mighty Cash Sweater


The Cash sweater is design to bring to your wardrobe a classic Jacquard design while at the same time bring a flair for pattern.  To create a true Jacquard is a work of… Continue reading

The Maserati a personal look


  You can change your look every day. Bold color and accessories can reinvent the way you look. Jackets, shoes, pants, shirts, and scarves can be rearranged in limitless permutations. The one part… Continue reading

The Yaks That Brought Christmas Spirit


The Yaks That Brought Christmas Spirit Most of you know by now that this last November I participated in an event, O’Christmas Tree, a gala to benefit Providence. You might already know about our… Continue reading

The Allure of Leather Pants


If designer handbags are the status symbols for affluent women, then leather pants are the statement piece for men. The recent phenomenon of 50 Shades of Grey might have placed this sensational hide on the… Continue reading

Squash It: Eat Seasonally Now


By Miss Mann The great thing about the changing seasons is that so much more than just the weather changes.  Autumn opens up the culinary possibilities to dishes that just can’t be enjoyed… Continue reading

Built For Man of the Month Terrell Carter


Broadway lead shines in Seattle to record album Seattle’s gloomy autumn chill could not withstand actor and singing extraordinaire Terrell Carter. When he entered the lobby of the Art Institute of Seattle, extended… Continue reading

A Herd of Yak Ornaments


An artist always has the desire to create, by doing so many astonishing things can arise from this; surprises can be obtained with astonishing results. Inspired by the Loom Project and our commitment… Continue reading



The Timeless Scent   While cologne is worn all over the world, not a lot of  stylish men have thought about it as the timeless article of clothing that it is. The practice… Continue reading

Talking Madonna Up


  Madonna Can Not Be Stopped If we had a chance to have any girlfriend in the world Madonna would be right up in our top 10 girlfriend list. Not only is she… Continue reading

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